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Nugget’s News began as a YouTube channel to educate newcomers to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. During the market hype of 2017, Alex Saunders’ ability to explain complex topics in a simple and straightforward manner stood out as he amassed a loyal group of followers.

The success of the channel lead to the creation of Nugget’s Crypto Community which now has over 1400 people that engage in robust discussion and analysis with intense tutelage from Alex and his team.

They are focused on continually learning and promoting this bleeding edge technology in an easy to understand manner.

They are passionate about cryptocurrencies and decentralised blockchain technology and its ability to disrupt industries and empowerring social change.

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With over 4,000,000 combined views, the Nugget’s News YouTube channel has fast become a go-to destination for those wanting to learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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We spend hours researching and analysing. You spend minutes digesting. Free yourself from having to painfully sift through the overwhelming amount of crypto news.

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Tap into Nugget’s News’ lifeforce; a crypto-crazed group full of insight, support, education, and knowledge. All the investing and trading wisdom you need to be successful.

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