Ainslie Wealth

Ainslie Wealth is Australia’s largest bullion and crypto dealer, part of the Ainslie group trading since 1974 and Australia’s first OTC crypto dealer. Ainslie Wealth offer the following services:

  • Over the Counter (OTC) trading in large market cap cryptocurrencies from $2000 to +$10m
  • Deal personally, through your SMSF, trust or company. Receive a traditional invoice including the receive address perfect for tax purposes and SMSF compliance.
  • Deal with a human, lock in your price and then pay by bank transfer, cash or bullion.
  • Have your purchase sent directly to an address provided by you, loaded to a cold Ainslie Crypto Wallet (in store only) or have it stored in an Ainslie Storage Account, stored ‘cold’ offline in Reserve Vault where Ainslie manages everything for you.
  • Swap seamlessly between cryptocurrency and precious metals bullion without going to AUD.
  • And of course, Ainslie Bullion offer the full range of bullion bars and coins including their own trusted Ainslie brand as well as being a Perth Mint Primary Distributor.

Gold & Silver Standard

Ainslie Wealth are the creators of Gold Standard (AUS) and Silver Standard (AGS) 100% bullion backed ERC-20 compliant tokens. 1 AUS = 1g gold and 1 AGS = 1g silver.  The bullion is secured in Reserve Vault, verified by global assurance firm PKF, and insured by the world’s leading insurer.  Anyone can check the blockchain to see that tokens on offer equals bullion secured.  AUS and AGS offer an incredibly cost effective way to secure real gold and silver via the blockchain with the security, efficiency and ease of storage the blockchain offers.  Fully and proudly Australian owned and based.

Tokens can be traded through Ainslie Wealth (OTC), on CoinSpot (24/7 exchange), Metex (Open order book exchange from anywhere ex USA), Elbaite (true peer to peer trading with trusted escrow payment intermediary) and Bamboo (dollar cost averaging, auto debit and round up application).  See goldsilverstandard.com for more information.

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