About Collective Shift

Collective Shift is a platform and community for dedicated crypto enthusiasts designed to help people understand the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Collective Shift delivers high-level, crypto analysis delivered through exclusive research reports, resources, daily insights, community discussion, and much more.

What does Collective Shift offer?

Research Reports

An industry-leading suite of premium reports brought to you by the Collective Shift research team as well as a number of sector experts. Leverage our expertise and maintain your edge with direct access to a range of timely reports.

Monthly Q&A

Each month, the team sits down with members to answer all their burning questions. We select the best questions from members each month and answer them. Monthly Q&A recordings are uploaded to the platform for all members.

Cryptocurrency Beginner's Course

A comprehensive guide into the cryptocurrency world covering investing, trading, buying, selling, storing, securing and sending. Start your journey with a trusted source.

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